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We empower our customers with the equipment and the support they need to be M2M Wireless Experts


Our products

Spectre LTE

LTE  industrial M2M wireless router

Spectre 3G

UMTS/HSPA+  industrial M2M wireless router

Spectre ERT

LAN  industrial M2M wire router

Software support for our products

R-SeeNet it is a software system used for monitoring of the status and functions of Conel routers. It continuously collects information from individual routers in the network and records this information into the SQL database.

This is a server application which creates a compact and secure communication system for Conel routers, even when all devices have been assigned dynamic non-private IP addresses.

Why B+B SmartWorx routers?

The most popular applications we work with

Traffic control

Transportation and Services

Energy and Heat Industries

Camera and Security Systems


Environmental measurement

Display Systems

Gas and Crude Oil Distribution

The Power Of Partnerships

Delivering the right wireless solution starts with having the right team at the table. We believe that excellence and customer satisfaction can only come from expertise – and expertise comes from a strong eco-system of partners. B+B 3G & 4G LTE routers are an important part of the total solution. Working together delivers on the promise of optimized performance.

Verizon Wireless has created a reliable wireless network infrastructure with excellent coverage.  Verizon also helps businesses move IT functions to the cloud, especially in remote locations where wired connections may be problematic.   B+B SmartWorx cellular products are certified for use with Verizon cellular networks.

Rogers Communications is a diversified public Canadian communications and media company. It provides services in wireless communications, cable television, telephone, and Internet connectivity. B+B SmartWorx cellular products are certified for use with Rogers cellular networks.

Telus is based in Canada.  The company provides a wide range of telecommunications products and services including internet access, voice, entertainment, healthcare, video, and satellite television. Its wireless division offers CDMA 2000, IDEN, HSPA+, and LTE-based cellular data connectivity.  B+B SmartWorx cellular products are certified for use with Telus cellular networks.

AT&T offers customized, industry-specific mobile applications designed to help businesses streamline their business processes for improved  efficiency.  AT&T also helps customers design, build, deploy, and manage dynamic mobile applications for business-to-business (B2B), business-to-enterprise (B2E), and business-to-consumer (B2C) uses.  B+B SmartWorx cellular products certified for use with AT&T cellular networks.

Cellular routers play an indispensable role in modern data networking.  They provide automatic failover for wired networks infrastructure, stepping in to maintain Internet connectivity when wired connections fail.  They create secure, reliable Internet connections for remote LANs and devices in locations where cable installations would be impractical or undesirable.  They make it easy to monitor and manage mobile assets.  They’ll provide Internet connectivity for new devices using IoT protocols like MQTT, but they’ll also Internet-enable existing equipment that uses protocols like serial, wired I/O and even Modbus.  With their incredible flexibility, cellular routers can make virtually anything a node on the Internet of Things. Here are some things to take into consideration when making your decision.

Machine to Machine (M2M)

Devices often need to be connected in locations that make cabling overly expensive or even impossible. It might be a new vending machine – the location is perfect, but the property owner won’t permit trenching for cable. It could be a retail kiosk in a mall, and once again cabling isn’t an option. Sometimes devices are simply so remote that providing a cable connection is out of the question, like a well pumping station out in the desert or a traffic cam along an isolated stretch of highway. Spectre cellular routers provide an easy, low cost alternative to cable. Spectre routers can provide Internet connections for remote devices anywhere there’s cellular service. For a device like an ATM machine, or that pump station in the desert, a basic model like the Spectre Libratum would serve your needs. But if you needed huge bandwidth, as in a full motion security camera application, you would be more likely to select the Spectre 4G LTE. No single router model is the best for every task.

Data Networking

Mobile Assets

Sometimes wireless connectivity isn’t just the best option; it’s the only option. Mobile assets like delivery vehicles can’t be tethered to cable connections; they can only do their jobs when they’re in motion. Spectre cellular routers can give those mobile assets Internet connectivity wherever they may roam. With their ability to support robust security protocols and virtual private networking, Spectre routers not only provide mobile Internet connections; they protect your data from unauthorized access.

Primary Connection

Whether it’s a remote construction site, an outdoor community event or a traveling carnival, there will be times and places where wired Internet connectivity simply isn’t available. Cellular routers can step into the gap and provide primary Internet connections for both local area networks and individual pieces of equipment. Spectre routers can connect to devices using a wide range of protocols and technologies, including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, RS232/422/485 and even Modbus. So whether it’s a credit card machine at an outdoor event or the office trailer at a construction site, Spectre cellular routers can supply Internet connectivity virtually anywhere wherever you need it.

Remote Monitoring

One of the most exciting IoT applications is remote sensing. B+B’s Wzzard Sensing Platform, for example, gives industry standard sensors wireless capabilities by connecting them to wireless Intelligent Edge Nodes that report the sensor data to Spectre Network Gateways. Spectre Network Gateways are cellular routers equipped with a Dust chip that supports the MQTT protocol for wireless mesh networking. Spectre cellular routers can also provide long range connectivity for devices that use more traditional protocols. In the old city of Prague, for example, the local heat distribution utility used Spectre routers to connect new metering devices all along their pipelines, thus avoiding the need to negotiate cable right of ways with hundreds of property owners along the necessary routes. Spectre routers can be easily configured to connect to devices using protocols like RS-232 and Modbus, and to convert the protocols for use on Ethernet networks, providing an excellent cable alternative for both new and existing technologies.

Remote Monitoring

Business Continuity or Automatic Failover

No wired Internet connection can provide 100 percent uptime. Above ground cabling and utility poles are vulnerable to extreme weather. Below ground infrastructure is regularly damaged by construction mishaps. Occasional service disruptions are inevitable. Few businesses can afford Internet downtime these days, especially those that rely upon access to resources that reside in the cloud. Whether the damage to the company manifests itself as lost revenue, diminished productivity, or an irritating experience for customers, most businesses have become highly dependent upon uninterrupted Internet connectivity. Spectre cellular routers provide a simple, drop in solution. When wired connectivity is available they can use it as the primary connection, with no need for data plans. But when connectivity is lost they will automatically switch over to the cellular networks until the wired connectivity is restored.

Automatic Failover

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